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Please keep reading this page to learn more about the Suzuki Method as well as some fabulous statistics about the benefits of music education.



A Bit on The Suzuki Method


The Suzuki Method is named after Dr. Shinichi Suzuki from Japan who decided that music should be taught as a baby is taught to speak his or her native language.


"Nobody teaches a baby to talk by starting with printed letters and words. The natural order is to teach letters and reading after a child learns to talk. In the same manner, in teaching preschool children, we do not use printed music, but rather have them learn new songs from listening to the record and showing them how to play. Mothers should be taught to read music, however, because they need this skill to help their children practice." -Dr. Shinichi Suzuki.


Before we begin the actual lessons, I ask that all parents visit the official Suzuki website (http://suzukiassociation.org) as well as read "To Learn with Love" by William and Constance Starr.  This book is a handbook for many Suzuki parents and is available on the official website in the "store" section.


"Family lifestyles do differ...in myriads of ways.  The important decisions must be made to complement and enrich each unique family unit.  Do you really want to pursue the course of Suzuki training enough to reevaluate and adjust your time prioritites where necessary, and help your child do the same?  If you answer affirmatively, be firm and persistant in your pursuit, so that your child and you will have a rewarding and worthwhile experience.  They will thank you in a few years, and you will thank God that you had the foresight to participate in such a life enriching opportunity."  ---To Learn With Love by William and Constance Starr


"The fate of a child is in the hands of his parents"

"Advanced abilities can be nurtured in any child." ---Dr. Suzuki



"I had always thought that a nightingale's incomparable song was instinctive and inherited.  But it is not so.  Nightingales to be used as pets are taken as fledglings from nests of wild birds in the spring.  AS soon as they lose their fear and accept food, a 'master bird' is borrowed that daily sings its lovely song, and the infant bird listens for a period of about a month.  In this way the little wild bird is trained by the master bird.  This method has been used in Japan since old times. ......Whether the wild bird will develop good or bad singing quality is indeed decided in the first month by the voice and tone of its teacher, the infant bird will, through physiological transformation, learn from experience to produce tones as beautiful as those of its teacher."  --Nurtured by Love by Dr.  Shinichi Suzuki



How do I sign up?

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Begin observing other students' private lessons to become aware of what they are like.


Begin playing Suzuki CD often for your child.


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