A Bit About Me

My name is Carey Rasmussen and I grew up in Cache Valley and took lessons from wonderful local instructors. I participated in Logan City school orchestras from elementary through High school, so I really appreciate what an asset they are to students. 


I have been teaching for over 13 years.  I have a degree in music education from Texas Woman's University.  I am also Suzuki certified and have taught as an orchestra director in the public schools.  I enjoy teaching students of any age from four years old to 94.  I teach the Suzuki Method because it yeilds such fantastic results.  I also incorporate some fiddle tunes and early note reading to enhance the student's results.  I fiddle in a bluegrass string band and have been concert master in several orchestras so I understand the diversity that is possible when you master the violin.


My mother is the person who is responsible for my ability and my love for the violin.  She had four children and started all of them at age three learning the Suzuki Method.  She traveled 45 minutes each way to take us to our lessons and worked hard to pay for it when money was tight.  She got up each morning and helped us all play through all the songs we knew before school.  She stood there with us while we practiced to make sure we did everything the best we could and never let mediocre be okay.  Because of her I recieved many great opportunities in my life such as a full scholarship to college and the chance to tour Europe with an orchestra after high school. 


I believe that anyone can learn and master the violin with the right work ethic and commitment.  I owe my mother so much for not giving me a choice to quit.  I have heard so many people say "I wish I had never quit!".  I have never heard " I wish I had never learned in the first place!".  Children must learn that great things can come from not giving up, even when it isn't fun.  Practicing with your children will not always be fun but it will be worth it!









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